Hello there!

I am in the process of ‘ramping up’ for my timely and informative massage and health blog. I’m scheduling for the beginning of  2014. I don’t know exactly when, but I won’t leave you hanging too long, promise!

I could also use a better name than “Just Ask Tony”, so any suggestions that don’t involve egregious plays on the words “hand” or “touch” would be greatly appreciated.

Would you like to be notified of when it goes live?

If you would like, please enter your name and email in the form below, and I’ll notify you when the blog goes live! I’m hoping to put out about two articles per month about massage and health issues.

Another way to keep in touch is through RSS, which (my geeky web designer tells me) is important. If you know all about that stuff, please, by all means, sign up for the RSS Feed!

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And now, could we ask a favor?

OK, it’s really going to benefit YOU, but I would LOVE to find out what is important to you in the world of massage and health. I am really excited to start writing for you, but would love some inspiration from soon-to-be readers (that’s you!) Please consider filling in the information above and letting me know what you would like to hear about!