Does Tony take insurance? Yes!

Shoulder Massage…Under a No-Fault Insurance or Workers’ Compensation Claim.

I do accept assignment on no-fault insurance and workers’ compensation claims.

…From Your Medical Spending Account.

If you have a Medical Spending Account, massage therapy services are generally reimbursed under such plans. Please check with your Plan Administrator if you are uncertain. I will provide you with a receipt for my services at your request.

…Through Your Health Insurance Plan.

In most cases, your health insurance plan will not reimburse for massage therapy services.  There are rare exceptions and the way to be certain is to check with your health plan administrator.  This is either going to be someone in your Human Resources Department at work or the person that picks up the phone when you call the 800 number on the back of your insurance card.

In either case the question to ask them is, “Does my health insurance plan reimburse for massage therapy?”  There can sometimes be confusion with reimbursement for physical therapy which is usually covered by health insurance plans but is a different service from massage therapy.  Even more confusion can arise when some health plans “cover” massage therapy by arranging discounted service rates with a list of providers.  While this lower rate is a benefit for you, it is still paid by you and not reimbursed by your health insurance plan.

I’m certain that this is way more than you wanted to know about this, but this is the level of detail required to be certain you have coverage.

If have a health insurance plan that does reimburse for massage therapy then I will accept your insurance or, upon request, supply you with invoices and office notes so that you can get reimbursed.

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