Deep tissue massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage doesn't have to hurt to work.

Deep tissue massage doesn’t have to hurt to work.

Deep tissue massage attempts to permanently alter the condition and resting state of a muscle or group of muscles.  Deep tissue work is used to treat injuries and chronic conditions that cause pain or limit motion.

What is the benefit to YOU?

Deep tissue massage reduces pain, enhances mobility and results in sustained changes to resting muscle tone – that’s a fancy way of saying there are lasting effects.

Why come to me for a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue is more than just pressing really hard.

Some deep tissue techniques require very little force at all.  More than just pressing hard, successful deep tissue work results from knowing which specific technique to use for the problem at (ahem) hand.  Both myofascial release and structural touch are deep tissue techniques, but they feel and operate very differently when you use them.

Thigh muscles might well respond to lots of direct pressure, but delicate neck muscles suffering from a whiplash injury might require something much gentler.  An injury resulting from overuse of a muscle over time (say a repetitive task at work or an aggressive physical training program) needs something different than a muscle traumatized in a single event (like marathon gardening or moving day).  And twenty-five years of experience lets me pick the right approach for your specific complaint.


“… sometimes my back or my shoulder might be bothering me and he concentrates there to alleviate the stiffness and pain, the most important effect is that the whole system works right..”
– Andy, White Plains, NY
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