Pain Management Massage

…is a specific technique.

Pain management massage is a massage technique specifically designed to relax muscle and de-escalate nervous system activity.

It was developed specifically for people dealing with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions that leave their nervous system in a chronically hyper-reactive state.

By its very design, pain management massage technique is gentle, non-invasive, and calming.

What is the benefit to YOU?

It’s about more than just relaxing your muscles; pain management massage sends new information into the somatosensory system (the part of your nervous system that evaluates touch) that allows the motor nerves to stop constantly triggering contraction and pain. It begins a virtuous cycle of muscle relaxation and decreased motor nerve activity.

Why come to me for pain management massage?

Very specialized training has its rewards; not many other massage therapists do this type of work.

I trained with Dr. Bruce Mann, the developer of this massage technique. This massage was developed to work in tandem with more ‘invasive’ procedures (direct neurostimulation or blocking) but the massage technique itself is quite effective for many types of pain.