You have your hands full... and that takes its toll on your neck, back and arms!

You have your hands full… and that takes its toll on your neck, back and arms!

There are many reasons to come to me for massage therapy.

“I need to relax.”

A relaxation massage is its own reward; it feels great, elevates mood, and relieves stress.  A great relaxation massage is a perfect mix of a therapist’s talent and your taste.

“I need relief from pain.”

Is your chronic pain is keeping you from doing the things you want to do?

“I get headaches all the time.”

If you suffer from chronic headaches, massage therapy might be the answer. Are there activities you would normally enjoy that you struggle through instead because your head won’t stop hurting? Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

“I need to rehabilitate from an injury.”

Even after medical intervention in the form of surgery or physical therapy, you may still have pain or restricted movement through or adjacent to the site of the injury. This is where massage can help.

“I have an infrequent, recurring problem.”

Some nagging pain or limitation that just doesn’t seem to go away completely? Massage can be a real aid to pain prevention when you learn how to use it preemptively.

“I have a chronic condition.”

Maybe you’ve had all the imaging tests that don’t show anything.  Perhaps you’ve taken the pain relievers and the muscle relaxants and you’re still in pain.  Massage may still be able to help.

“I am a mother.”

There are difficult tasks and motions that, as a mother, you perform over and over again. Picking up your children, leaning over to change diapers, being pulled in 5 directions at once! See how massage therapy can help you.

“I am an athlete.”

You know how important a sports massage therapist can be; massage can increase flexibility, relieve pain, and reduce healing time.