“I am a mother.”

There are difficult tasks and motions that, as a mother, you perform over and over again.

You have your hands full... and that takes its toll on your neck, back and arms!

You have your hands full… and that takes its toll on your neck, back and arms!

It’s also very likely that you do not have the luxury of using good body mechanics at all times.  And even if you did there are some actions (like holding a baby for breastfeeding, carrying a toddler on your hip, or bending over to reach a person very much shorter than you) that require prolonged upper body and back strength and take their toll on you no matter how ‘perfectly’ you perform them.

How I can help you.

Massage is well-suited to address overuse pains and injuries, the very kind that busy mothers suffer from!

A thorough intake and a brief conversation will help pinpoint the muscles affected by daily demands; this will allow us to focus the work we do where it can be most effective.

You might be thinking…

“But I don’t have time to spend an hour (plus travel time) getting a massage!”

Yes, a massage does require time out of an already busy schedule, but consider the time (and suffering!) that you are already spending in pain.  The time you invest now in your body will save time and suffering in the future!.

“Will massage really help?”

You might be thinking, “This is just the way it is and there is nothing for the pain…” but that’s simply not true.  Most soft tissue overuse injuries (like the kind you get from holding a baby) respond very well to massage therapy.

“But what if my children are older?”

If your children are older, and don’t have to be picked up as much, you might be suffering from a delightfully new set of  problems! Please see the “I need to Relax” page!