“I get headaches all the time.”

Can massage therapy really help with headaches?

We work with you to relieve headache pain.

I work with you to relieve headache pain.

Most people get headaches sometimes. It is not normal, however, to get headaches all the time.

How frequent is “all the time”?

How many headaches are too many?  That’s a difficult call. The National Headache Foundation (NHF) recommends that you consult your doctor if you get headaches more than occasionally or when you find yourself taking pain relievers more than two days a week

The NHF also considers the following when deciding how many headaches are too many:

  • Your headaches are severe or come on quickly.
  • The recommended dosage of your over-the-counter pain reliever isn’t sufficient to relieve your headache pain.
  • Your headaches interfere with your normal daily activities.

Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

I used to get several headaches every week and a migraine at least once or twice a month. Since I started seeing Tony, I get far fewer headaches and the migraines have virtually stopped..”
– Tom, 47, Communications.
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What you and I can do about it.

Together, we perform a thorough intake to explore potential causes. We also make sure that, with the help of your doctor, you’ve ruled out out serious pathologies and causes that would not benefit from massage therapy or for which massage is contra-indicated

After a thorough intake, a series of brief, twenty-five minute treatments is established. These treatments are scheduled two to three times per week. We will also establish a protocol for treatment and self-care; you’ll be given exercises and record-keeping to do between appointments.

After the first two weeks (and possibly from the outset) you will be able to chart your improvement – decreased frequency and severity of headaches.

Why come to me for relief from headache pain?

I have specific training in structuring and implementing a treatment plan for headache management. And you will keep a week-by-week log to track your progress.

The headache protocol requires commitment.

We'll show you techniques - that you can employ anywhere (like home) to relax and relieve headache pain.

I’ll show you techniques and exercises that you can use day-to-day to relax and relieve headache pain.

The headache protocol is fundamentally different from my regular offering of “massage at will”.   It requires more time, effort and money from you than any other work I do. The muscular patterns that result in chronic headaches take time to change.

It also is more reliant on your compliance with self-care exercises than anything else I do; you support and enhance the massage work by doing your homework.

The headache protocol requires frequent visits (two or three  per week) for at least eight weeks.  Yes, that is asking a lot of you, but you should know that going in.  If you’re interested in learning more about this very focused set of treatments, call or e-mail and we’ll see if it’s right for you.