“I have an infrequent, recurring problem.”

Recurring problems are a pain in the ... well, you get the point!

Recurring problems are a pain in the … well, you get the point!

That problem just keeps cropping up!

Do you have a “tricky” back or a “wry” neck?  Do you have that troublesome, occasional problem that completely disrupts your life when it makes its unpredictable (but inevitable) reappearance?

Massage can be a real aid to pain prevention when you learn how to use it preemptively.

Learn to recognize the onset of the recurrence.

The trick with that nagging problem that goes a way for a while but ALWAYS comes back is timing.  Recognize the first sign of its recurrence and intervene before it disrupts your life.

Beat the pain before it begins.

For these kinds of problems, ‘preemptive pragmatism’ really pays.  It doesn’t require a weekly massage to keep it at bay, but its effects are severe enough that it is disruptive to your life when it happens.

[Tony] has eliminated or relieved the pain in my lower back, the sciatica pain in my left leg, pain in my shoulder and problems with my knee..”
– Leonor, 74, avid world traveler
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A well-timed massage can help you avoid suffering and lost productivity. Here’s how we’ll work together…

  • We’ll track the problem,
  • We’ll look at ways of ‘trapping’ for its early warning signs, and
  • We’ll devise strategies for you to care for it yourself.
  • We’ll focus directly on the problem when you do come in, and
  • We’ll beat that nagging problem, together!

Why work with me?

There are many reasons to work with me, but one of the most important ones is that very often I can help you identify the early warnings of a recurring problem before it ‘kicks in’.

I am a certified massage therapist.

Tony is a member of the country’s oldest and most respected professional association.

Then you and I can collaborate on a strategy that helps you to look for the first sign of the problem.  This will allow you to come in for effective treatment to address it at the earliest stage possible – before the serious pain begins.

Contact me for an appointment, and let’s keep that nagging problem from turning into a serious problem.