“I need to rehabilitate from an injury.”

How do I help you recover from an injury?

Sometimes a traumatic injury has consequences beyond the site of injury itself. For example, a knee injury or a knee surgery can…

  • Affect the muscles above and below the injury site, or…
  • Cause pain in the low back or shoulder from the gait changes associated with either the injury or recovery.
Massage can heal injuries if proper diagnosis is made and proper technique is performed..

A subtle difference in treatment can mean the difference between being in pain and relief from pain.

Even after medical intervention in the form of surgery or physical therapy, you may still have pain or restricted movement through or adjacent to the site of the injury. This is where massage can help.

What are the benefits of massage for your injury?

In some cases massage can directly aid in the recovery from a soft tissue injury (ex. breaking up scar tissue that’s formed in a tendon).

More often, massage can help with soft tissue difficulties collateral to an injury, such as muscle splinting from a sprain, or compensatory muscular contraction resulting from motion changes that accommodate an injury (ex. pain behind the shoulder blade resulting form an arm that’s been held in a cast or splint).

Why come to me for your massage therapy?

Knowing a variety of techniques is an advantage. Not every injury condition will benefit from the same technique. And I know many different techniques.

I do my best to take a broad view. Oftentimes it’s a bad idea to put more force through soft tissue that has already been traumatized. Sometimes it’s necessary to look distant from an injury site to find the source of pain.

After being diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back and not getting the results I needed with physical therapy, massage therapy from Tony has given me lasting relief and improvement..”
– Greg, Scarsdale, NY
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Thorough assessment is always a component. A good assessment is essential to a successful therapeutic massage. The more information that’s available at the outset, the easier it is to pick a proper technique and apply it in the right place.

Over 25 years experience.

With over 25 years experience, I have literally thousands of hands-on hours treating soft-tissue injuries. It takes time to learn the subtleties associated with massaging an injury, and it’s very likely I’ve seen your type of injury before. Allow me to help you.