“I need to relax.”

This massage is yours.

A great relaxation massage is a perfect mix of a therapist’s talent and your taste.

Have you ever been worked on by someone who seemed to… not actually be paying attention to your body? That’s a lack of  talent or attention.

Have you ever gone to a therapist that someone you know raved about, and you just didn’t understand why? That’s about taste.

What makes a relaxation massage truly great?

A great relaxation massage is a perfect mix of a therapist’s talent and your taste.

What is the benefit to you beyond mere relaxation?

A great relaxation massage is a mix of the practical and the inspired.

The practical consideration is when the therapist takes a few minutes to find out about you, your physical history and the condition you’re in today. The inspiration is when the therapist takes that information and uses it to pick just the right techniques and pacing for your full-body massage.

Why come to me for a relaxation massage?

When it works right, you will have the sense that the massage therapist knows just where to work, just how much pressure to apply and at a certain point seems to actually be reading your mind. They are actually reading your body, but you know the feeling I’m talking about.

Tony provided a good, safe and abundant space for me to explore what it is to be embodied through the course of good, deep bodywork and conversation. His professionalism, skill, humor and integrity were a gift as I allowed my physical and emotional life to grow and blossom..”
– Elizabeth, White Plains, Writer.
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This is possible through the combination of long and varied study in the field of massage, good listening skills, and a bit of good fortune in finding a therapist with whom you ‘click’. You can’t leave it all to chance and you won’t know if you’ve found the right therapist for you until you’re on the table… and then you won’t have to wonder at all.