“I need relief from pain.”

Massage therapy can relieve some types of pain.

Pain is too broad a topic, really, for me to speak directly to your pain. But if you’re reading this page we’ll assume that you are not looking for help with pain resulting from a burn, a broken bone, or closing your hand in the car door.

Massage of muscles and joints can relieve your pain.

Neck and lower back pain (in that order) are the two most common complaints I get as a massage therapist

We’ll assume that instead you have a muscular or perhaps a joint pain that you already know is not a symptom of a serious medical condition (such as a sports injury that really requires surgery or physical therapy) or a cause, such as a dog bite – not really suited to massage therapy as a solution. If you’re looking for headache relief, click here.

How I can help with muscular and joint pain.

First, you and I will have a thorough conversation so that you can be sure that this is a pain that does not require more intensive medical scrutiny and diagnosis. Then we will further assess whether your pain might legitimately be helped with massage therapy. A pain resulting from overzealous weekend activity would likely respond very well to massage. Pain from arthritis might be diminished but not completely resolved.

What is the benefit to YOU?

Having determined that massage is appropriate for your particular pain, you and I will then begin a focused treatment plan to best address that pain. Tendonitis would require a different set of techniques from those required for headache or muscle strain.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am healthier for getting regular massages from Tony..”
– Andy, White Plains, NY.
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Why come to me for pain relief from soft tissue injury?

We’ll create benchmarks for you to track your progress.

Every appointment we will re-assess how you’re doing and what we are going to do next. If the strategy we are using is not producing results, we will consider a new strategy.

If we can’t make progress on your recovery we will see if there is another treatment outside of massage that might be of more use to you.

I am trained in specific techniques for pain relief.

Tony tracks your progress so you know it's working (or not.)

Tony tracks your progress so you know it’s working (or not.)

  • Orthopedic Assessment: Whitney Lowe of the Orthopedic Massage Education and Research Institute (OMERI)
  • Headache Protocol Workshop: Dr. Ben Benjamin
  • Pain Management Technique: Dr. Bruce Mann