Why Choose Tony?

I am a certified massage therapist.

Tony is a member of the country’s oldest and most respected professional association.

Benefit from more than 25 years of Tony’s experience as a massage therapist.

Tony has been practicing massage professionally since 1983, and that experience goes to work for you directly.  More massage experience means better massages and more skill at identifying the best way to work on your problem . (more on Tony’s years of experience and the benefit to you >)

Tony focuses on problem-solving as well as relaxation.

Massage can be about more than relaxation.   Tony focuses on solutions for relieving your pain – whether caused by injury, overuse or repetitive motion.

Hiring a Certified Massage Therapist is important.

Statewide Certification in California assures that every certified practitioner has a basic set of skills, and protects you from being harmed by an unqualified practitioner.  California is home to a rich community of massage practitioners representing a wide variety of educational backgrounds.  By choosing a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist, you are assured that the massage therapist you choose brings a rigorous education and high ethical standards to bear in caring for you.  In addition, Tony is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and proudly upholds its standards of ethical and professional practice.

Tony tracks your progress so you know it's working (or not.)

Tony helps you track your progress so you can determine how much your massages are helping.   ***replace graphic with Yellow Man***


A focus on quantifiable results.

It’s important to focus on what is working. Tony will track your progress with you at each session to ensure that your massages are effectively addressing your needs. He’ll review your past work, and ask you questions about how you’re doing throughout your daily routine.  This leads to concentration on those approaches that give you the most benefit.  (more on how Tony tracks your progress>)

Tony listens.

Tony's process toward your greater health

Tony’s process for tracking your progress is focused toward improving your health.

Over 25 years in the massage profession means having an experienced ear. Tony works to frame your complaint in the context of your activities and your lifestyle when deciding on a treatment plan.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to characterize a problem – and that’s where Tony’s experience can mean the difference between relief and chronic pain.

Many massage masteries = a tailored solution for you.

All those years in massage therapy mean knowing quite a bit about many massage disciplines. Take a look at the list of techniques Tony has studied and mastered. (more on Tony’s massage masteries>)


[Tony] has eliminated or relieved the pain in my lower back, the sciatica pain in my left leg, pain in my shoulder and problems with my knee. He has done this in a very professional and caring manner..”
– Elizabeth, White Plains, Writer.
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Please review the testimonials demonstrating Tony’s dedication to his clients’ satisfaction.