A focus on quantifiable results.


My focus is on helping you resolve your problems.


Listening allows me to understand your problem better. I have been listening for over 25 years.

Over the past 25 years I have developed a system of problem-solving that I put to work for you right away. It’s not a fancy set of techniques; it’s just good consulting and listening that assures the session stays focused on addressing your priorities.

1. I listen to your pain.

“What is the specific problem?”

How do you know you have a problem?  While that seems like a silly question to ask, it gets to the root of good assessment.  How you characterize your pain  tells a lot about what may be causing it.  Does it hurt more at rest?  When you first get up in the morning?  On certain movements?  Is it more of an ache or a kind of burning sensation?  Using simple questions and a healthy give and take of information helps focus on the likely causes and best approach to treatment.

2. I work to discover causes.

“What do you do all day? What are you asking of your body?”

Tony's process toward your greater health.

A simple process helps you understand and improve your health.

The discovery process is part science, part art. Once we’ve accumulated enough data and have a good idea where to start, this process continues to provide feedback to you so you can track your condition as it improves.

During this time I am also inquiring about your activities at work, at home, and at play to see if I can pick up on any cues that lead me to a better understanding of your pain. It might come from sitting the wrong way or sleeping poorly. It might also be the consequence of a repetitive action that you perform. For instance,

  • Our bodies are not well designed for sitting at a desk and typing on a computer keyboard all day.  This sustained posture required for this activity (too often in combination with a poorly designed work space) can take its toll on your neck, shoulders and lower back.
  • Something as simple as sleeping on a pillow that supports your head at the wrong angle can result in neck problems.
  • Martial arts, endurance sports and high-intensity workouts each put their own unique stresses on your body that can result in pain and restricted motion.

Throughout this process, we are tracking results, together. By continuing this conversation, we’ll determine if your sessions are having the optimal effect.  If they aren’t, we switch it up and try something else. We can often get to the immediate cause of your pain very quickly. If your pain is stubborn then we’ll be stubborn, too, until we find a way to treat it.

Tony tracks your progress so you know it's working (or not.)

We’ll track your progress so you know it’s working.

3. I try to demystify the problem.

“How does your body work?”

Although it is not absolutely necessary for you to understand body mechanics and basic physiology, if you do understand you can take preventive measures before problems spring up.  This is especially important when addressing recurring problems.

Sometimes there is no mystery. No one is capable of perfectly self-assessing. Sometimes all it takes is someone with a fresh and knowledgeable perspective to help you see what has been in front of you all this time.

We'll show you techniques - that you can employ anywhere (like home) to relax and relieve headache pain.

I’ll show you techniques that you can employ anywhere to relax and relieve pain.

4. I work with you to create a regimen for improving your condition.

“What can we do together to create lasting results?”

Tracking your progress is both my job and yours. Once we have identified the problem, we can take steps to help you continue the healing at home and at work.

I help you help yourself. Once you understand what’s contributing to your pain, I can often show you techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere to help resolve the problem. I don’t want you to rely exclusively upon me for your well-being. I know that if you’re coming to a massage therapist, then you’re already taking steps towards better health. I’m here to help you move a little farther down that road.