Lisa – Oakland, CA

“Tony is one of the best massage therapists I have ever seen. I have chronic back and neck pain and Tony is the only massage therapist who has been able to relieve my pain.  He is extremely knowledgeable and uses a unique blend of massage techniques that provide deep tissue release without the usual pain.  And he is professional, personable and accommodating.  I have referred many people to him and everyone has felt that same way. He is the best. “

Andy – White Plains, NY

“I was referred to Tony by another massage therapist, and my continuing bi-weekly appointments with him have helped give me a feeling of being centered and grounded… there is a feeling of wellness after each session.

I keep coming back because his massages work! I’ve had many massages and, based on level of skill, Tony is the best I’ve ever had. While sometimes my back or my shoulder might be bothering me and he concentrates there to alievate the stiffness and pain, the most important effect is that the whole system works right.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am healthier for getting regular massages from Tony.”


Greg – Scarsdale, NY


“Whether I have a specific ache or just want to feel relaxed, Tony’s expertise and capabilities have never failed to live up to my expectations. After being diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back and not getting the results I needed with physical therapy, massage therapy from Tony has given me lasting relief and improvement.

Tony has my complete confidence and trust. It wouldn’t even occur to me to go elsewhere. I also recommend him to patients of mine who I feel would benefit from his services.”


Elizabeth – White Plains, Writer

“Tony provided a good, safe and abundant space for me to explore what it is to be embodied through the course of good, deep bodywork and conversation. His professionalism, skill, humor and integrity were a gift as I allowed my physical and emotional life to grow and blossom.

I am able to receive and enjoy touch from a much wider range of people from before. I am aware of how my body feels in a more holistic way, and can connect physical experience with emotional responses more readily.

I received Tony’s name through a friend and stuck with him partly because he stuck with me. Touch has been loaded for me as someone who experienced early sexual trauma and emotional abuse and neglect. Tony proved himself to be trustworthy, and also worked with the rough spots with grace and compassion. I have been working with Tony for a good fifteen years now and return whenever I am able or the spirit moves me.

I recommend Tony without reservation.”


Tom – 47, Communications

“I’ve suffered from frequent migraines and headaches for the past several years. I used to get several headaches every week and a migraine at least once or twice a month. Since I started seeing Tony, I get far fewer headaches and the migraines have virtually stopped. Tony’s techniques have greatly reduced my headaches and overall chronic pain.”


Leonor – 74, avid world traveler

“I have been a client of Tony Siacotos for the past two years. During that time using therapeutic or relaxation type of massages he has eliminated or relieved the pain in my lower back, the sciatica pain in my left leg, pain in my shoulder and problems with my knee. He has done this in a very professional and caring manner. I have the services of a chiropractor and injections in my lower back but the most relief I have had is from Mr. Siacotos’s massages. I gladly recommend his services.”


Tom – 50, Swimmer

“I am someone who keeps tension inside and has had chronic shoulder issues. Tony has helped me have less pain and more relief. And once I find someone I like I stick with them.

Tony’s skill set comes from years of practice and constant education. His technique, the questions he asks, and the things he observes during a session show a commitment and a passion for his chosen profession. Anyone who is searching for an experienced massage therapist should seek Tony out first.”